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 100% Pure ~ Artisanal ~ Ceremonial ~ Guatemalan Cacao

1 lb. Artisanal cacao

Organic Guatemalan 100% Pure Cacao

Harvest Moon Ceremonial Cacao is

100% Pure and Organic

Harvest Moon Cacao is 100% pure, organic ceremonial cacao made from

roasted and ground whole-shelled cacao beans.  Each pound is in block form and can be easily shaved and cut into pieces.  

Each serving of Harvest Moon Ceremonial Cacao is a heart-opening plant medicine that is a super-food full of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, copper, chromium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

1lb block 


About Cacao

Where is the source of Harvest Moon Cacao?

Harvest Moon Cacao is 100% pure, organic and ceremonial made from

roasted and ground whole-shelled cacao beans from Cacao Source in Guatemala.  

Harvest Moon Cacao offers the highest quality,  single-origin cacao in the most transparent, authentic and honest way.  

Harvest Moon Cacao is harvested in single origin, small batches in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.  Each batch is sourced with love from three socially-conscious and ecologically sustainable farms nestled in the lush Rainforest of Guatemala.   The Cacao Source distributors, who are at the source of harvesting the cacao, offer competitive wages to farmers and women's collectives- enabling women's collectives to drive the transformation from seed to block.


Ethical and sustainable organic farming practices are at the forefront of what drives the production of small batches of high quality cacao. ​

Harvest Moon Cacao is 100% PURE AND ORGANIC  SUPERFOOD with absolutely NO SUGAR and NO caffeine. 

It is truly a delicious delight to your discerning palate.




 Hot Ceremonial Cacao 

Enjoy Harvest Moon Cacao as a soothing, heart-opening warm, beverage that has a wonderful, smooth, nutty flavor with hints of savory earth notes that makes for a nutritious beverage as an afternoon pick me up or ceremonial ritual.  Adding spices, creamers and natural sweeteners opens up your spiritual and physiological energy and sharpens your mental clarity. 

Cacao in Recipes- Smoothies. Toppings and Culinary Delights

Add shaved, raw cacao to  smoothies, oatmeal and to your artisanal recipes to optimize your daily nutrient intake. 


Method of Payment:

Credit Card (checkout in the store)


 Venmo @Nikole-Seipp

and email me your order request


(Venmo preferred)

$25 per pound without UPS shipment if local

$30 per pound if you choose shipping option

What is Cacao?
Cacao is a superfood that comes from the bean of a cacao tree. Cacao is not processed and is packed with nutrients.
This bean is a superfood with significant health benefits and ZERO sugar.

 Harvest Moon cacao
from the Guatemalan Rainforest to your home

My personal wish is to be a vehicle to share the love and joy of cacao with you and those you love.  May you savor the energy of the rainforest in each sip of your ceremonial cacao.  Harvest Moon Cacao is a wonderful way to expand your mindfulness practice while nourishing your body, mind and spirit with energy that is connected to truth and abundance. 

With Peace and Gratitude From My Heart to Yours, 

Nikole Seipp

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